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When painting in Tiverton RI now and then people like to take stock of their homes and plan painting projects to give the house a fresh appearance. Although painting may seem like easy work, to do it right requires several careful steps, a practiced eye, and a steady arm. While some homeowners feel comfortable using a roller to paint the walls, they often realize that it’s better to call a pro in Rhode Island for the more challenging painting projects.


Tackling a home’s entire exterior is daunting. In addition to painting the main structure, other areas like a garage door, porch, doors and shutters, and window frames need to be managed. Each of these comes with special considerations that a professional has experience in handling. Outdoor trim and decorative features will have to be addressed, as well. While a homeowner may need to learn how to paint these specific features, a professional RI painter does it frequently for a living, which can save time and possibly money if the homeowner buys the wrong paint or misapplies it.

Interior trim.

Homes with elegant trim that is a different color than the walls or that has an ornate design can be very difficult to paint evenly. However, professional interior painters in Tiverton have experience and the proper tools to carefully and accurately paint hard-to-reach or delicately-sculpted trim inside the home. Indoor or outdoor pillars, room dividers, and similar features can be painted just the way you want them with the help of expert painters.


Room ceilings can be tricky due to height or texture. They are also prone to drip if the paint is not carefully or smoothly applied. Light fixtures must be skirted, and sometimes light will cast shadows over the ceilings that make it difficult to apply paint evenly over those surfaces.

Problem areas.

Most homes have troublesome rooms or areas that no one likes to paint. Damp basements may need to be waterproofed or painted with waterproof paint, which comes with its own hazards and challenges. Dusty or mildewed attics may require additional lighting to extend the paintbrush into all the nooks and crannies. Unusual angles and little-used areas may be dusty or contain droppings from birds or mice and should be cleaned before painting. Closets, pantries, and cupboards pose additional considerations and may require special preparation before painting.

Painting always looks fun when someone else does it. But when you shop for supplies and paint, set up the equipment and prepare each area, and then try to artistically paint each area in your project before cleaning up everything afterward, you will likely spend far more time than expected.

When it’s time to paint your home, condo or apartment give the Providence Painting Pros a call for a free estimate. (401) 300-5706

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